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The Bicos Family's original coffee shop and restaurant was founded by our Great-Uncle Jim Bicos, in the 1950's on Colorado Blvd in Pasadena.  My Father, Terry Bicos had the idea of opening a Tops Jr., a fast-food hamburger stand in Alhambra, which to this day operates under "new ownership". He wanted to give customers quality homemade food fast.  His concept was a success!  Today, we still make our chili, taco meat, beans, 1000 island, ranch, blue cheese dressings, etc., using only the original recipes which call for fresh spices.  Other companies tend to use packaged spices, which often changes the original flavor, to make preparation easier and more economical.  At TOPS on Walnut & Allen only, we maintain the original taste from 58 years ago.  My Father, wanted to create food as close to homemade as possible.  Our primary goal and focus is on taste, quality, freshness, cleanliness in our service and experienced staff.  Most of our staff have been with us for more than twenty years.  We invite you to come to TOPS on the corner of Walnut & Allen and taste the difference!  Meet our staff and experience what quality service should be.  The same quality service that has made us #1.  Yes, our loyal customers know.  Why?  They vote us #1 each and every year.  We will see you soon!!!


 Jim Bicos  Owner/Operator

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